3 Tips for hiring the right excavation company on Long Island

Hiring a reputable excavation company can be difficult at times. Excavation takes planning, skills and expert execution. That’s why AVF Development is giving 3 tips for hiring the right excavation company on Long Island to help answer these major questions.

With over 35 years as an excavation company, AVF Development is an expert in this field. Specializing in residential, commercial and industrial excavation, AVF Development is highly knowledgable in what to look out for in the hiring process.

1- License. Any contractor can say that they are fully licensed and insured but can they prove it. In many industries contractors may let their license lapse or don’t have one at all. When hiring a contractor ask for their license number that you can verify with the state that your project is located in.

2-Recommendations. Another major factor to look into are testimonials. Any contractor can put “reviews” or “testimonials” on their website, but how real are they? Ask for some previous recommendations from past clients and do some research. You can also check online at various review websites to see what the public is saying about them.

3- Owner is on-site. Sometimes contractors will sell the project, collect a deposit but put his employees on-site. Most of the time this does not work. Unless the owner assigns a project manager that is at all client meetings, how could be know exactly what the project entails? This is an import detail to make sure the job is done safely and correct.

3 Tips for hiring the right excavation company on Long Island

AVF Development follows all of these guidelines properly making sure every client is 100% satisfied. Please feel free to read our Google reviews and if you have questions please contact us.

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