AVF is a long island construction and demolition company that have a full staff of landscape architects, professional engineers, and licensed land surveyors who have more than 35 years of experience in Nassau county excavation and site assessment projects.


Years of work

Team members


To ensure a smooth project, you must select a top Long island construction and demolition company. Unfortunately, not all construction companies are created equal. A great construction company always delivers top quality services and follows all laws and regulations. Therefore, before hiring a construction company, you need to make sure it is one you can count on. In the following post, we detail AVF most important qualities, so you can be sure that we are always the right choice to make when you need to hire a construction company.

Services of a Construction Company

Before knowing the qualities to look for, you must understand the services of a construction company. These companies handle commercial, residential, and industrial projects. AVF services include:

Site Assessment
Remodeling / Building
Project management
Construction management
Waste / debris collection and disposal

Additionally, the best construction companies are full-service and can handle every part of your project from demolition, to excavation, to site development which place our company again as one of the top Long Island Construction companies.

Licensure and Insurance

Only consider a company that has all of the necessary credentials. AVF for example is a Nassau county demolition and construction company that has all required licenses, registrations, to perform work all over the island and New York boroughs. In addition, our team is trained to handle different site work services. We can provide evidence of the credentials that shows or professionalism.


The best companies stand out against the competition. That means they should have clear ways to distinguish themselves from others. Our president Anthony Ferrantello its been awarded as the corporate citizen of the year in 2010 and Honorary Co-chairman by the national leadership award in the category of business advisor. Our company can back all the claims that our customers can have with documented and tangible proofs of performance.


For the top full-service construction company in the New York area, look no further than AVF Development. Our dedicated team of experts can handle every stage of your construction project from planning all the way to building and occupancy. You can always count on us for turnkey residential and commercial construction services. With over 35 years of diverse experience, there is no one better suited for your construction project.


AVF Development Corporation has participate from more than 100 residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our customer satisfaction is back up with our great reviews and the high-quality customer services.

Responsible Management Team

AVF trustworthy management force keeps the entire company running smoothly and ensures that our team of professionals is behind every decision. Our company’s team includes architects, operators, laborers, surveyors, and builders. Together, we complete our customer construction, excavation, and demolition projects efficiently and effectively.

Project Delivery Time

Meeting project deadlines is one of AVF crucial qualities. Every project we start its delivers on time without sacrificing quality.

Construction You Can Trust

It’s hard to find a construction company you can trust to do your project on time and accurately. That’s where we come in. AVF Development is a top construction company that will handle all of your construction needs. We provide high-quality demolition, foundation, and excavation services for all phases of concrete work. We have the knowledge and experience to handle commercial, public and private, industrial, and residential projects of all types. For the best construction service, look no further.

Your Needs Are Our Priority

Full Supervisors on Site, Experienced Operators and AVF, all fully safety trained, OSHA Certified. Supported by our professional personal and our large fleet of equipment allow AVF to provide a complete "Demolition" package for our clients.


In an industry that is ever-changing, we adapt and focus on continued growth. Our goal is to lead the construction and demolition industry in the state of New York by providing the most effective and efficient services to our customers. We pride ourselves on our exceptional performance and demonstrate our value through the quality of our services.


AVF Development Corp is a New York-based company that provides quality construction, demolition, and excavation services to private companies and homeowners. With an extensive list of services and unparalleled dedication, we strive to build long-lasting relationships with each and every customer. Through our remarkable service and professionalism, our team has earned the trust of every single one of our customers and built an outstanding reputation. Through our services, our experienced team can handle the construction process for any kind of property including industrial, commercial, or residential. CORE VALUES: In every step of our business, we strongly adhere to our core values. At AVF, we provide high-quality services backed by integrity. Our core values guide our every decision and every member of our team. We are more than a construction company, we are a company who is committed to doing things the right way and in the best interest of our team, customers, and community. Our core values include: • Quality • Integrity • Excellence • Commitment • Safety • Respect • Ethical behavior


AVF takes great pride in the ability to recycle up to 35% of a building structure that if left after demolishing a building. Material such as Steel, wood, and stone are collected to reused them



We strive to offer our clients and our employees the attention they would get from a small business, partnered with the proficiency and technologies of a multi-million dollar operation.