Our Demolition Services

If you need to demolish a commercial building, a residential property or structure you should follow a certain protocol. If you want to hire a demolition contractor, you should opt for one with experience & skill in this field and always request references before making a commitment.

If you are inexperienced with demolition, attempting to perform it yourself may not be a good option. You will need the necessary equipment and knowledge of how to perform this task. The first thing you should do is conduct an internet search to seek the reputation of the demolition contractor you are looking to hire.

Additionally, you must determine the type of demolition contractor you will need. Demolition contractors range from novice amateurs to highly seasoned professionals. A seasoned demolition contractor possess the essential competence and expertise to accomplish the demolition project properly.

If you are considering hiring a demolition contractor, you should research their reputation in the business as well as their previous projects. They should be able to give you past projects that they have worked on so you can gauge their level of skills. Be sure that the company you hire is licensed to operate in the state in which you reside. Additionally, you should verify that they have adequate insurance coverage for their machinery and equipment in case any damage occurs during the course of the job.

AVF Development is a Long Island-based construction and demolition company that specializes in full-service demo and excavation. As a full-service business, AVF Development coordinates many production crews to improve efficiency and minimize downtime, resulting in a quicker turn-around time on your project.

We have the equipment needed to perform different types of demolition work, some of which include:

  • Interior Demolition
  • Exterior Demolition
  • Partial Demolition
  • Full Demolition
  • Detailed Demolition
  • Home deconstruction
  • Pool demolition
  • On-site cleaning
  • Dismantling garage, chimneys bathroom, kitchens, and more.

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