Our Services


As a Long Island full-service construction company, AVF has all the services you need to complete your construction project. We will customize any service to ensure it meets your needs. Our main services include:


Multiple Demolition & Leveling

We have the equipment needed to perform different types of demolition work
Interior Demolition
Exterior Demolition
Partial Demolition
Full Demolition
Detailed Demolition
Home deconstruction
Pool demolition
On-site cleaning
Dismantling garage, chimneys bathroom, kitchens, and more.

We have many demolition packages to choose from to ensure you get the best price for your demo needs.
Interior Demolition

Free estimates
Fire and Environmental specialist
Removal of burner, oil tanks, pipes, and electrical.
AVF experts staff provides clean and efficient interior demolition services
We specialized in all types of concrete work:
Concrete Slab
Parking lots
Drainage and Septic Systems

We offer properly designed drainage systems. AVF Development can provide a comprehensive solution for your site drainage. We also repair drainage systems that are not working properly.
Our experienced team will outline any special considerations, including flood risk.
Material Delivery Services
We deliver different types of material that you may need for your home or your job site. We offer:
All type of Stone
Certified and tested clean fill
Land Clearing
Land clearing is an essential part of site preparation. Proper site clearing sets your entire project up for success. AVF utilizes the latest tools and technology paired with a custom approach to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with our land clearing service.
Permits & Expediting
Streamline your project with AVF permit expediting services. We manage the entire permitting process to ensure your project goes smoothly and efficiently. Our dedicated team uses a tailored permit strategy and does our due diligence to submit your permits to proper agencies. You will receive timely status updates throughout the entire process when you work with AVF.
Tank Removal
As a full-service company, we also offer material removal and disposal services. Our team has the experience and expertise to carry out on-site tank removal.
Excavation & Site Assessment
AVF specializes in excavation for all faces of project. We always perform high-quality backfilling methods to ensure your project holds up for many years to come. Our crew is very knowledgeable about local materials and other types of fill. In addition, with our excavation packages we provide the following services:

Land clearing- Removal of old structures, Removal of trees, shrub, dirt, debris, and other unwanted material as per client request.
Dig Out old foundation- old types of footings and structures
Ground preparation – new septic system, driveways, pool installation
Bush Hogging
Tractor work

When you hire AVF for your excavation projects you save money and time because our wide experience and machinery allow us to perform the job efficiently. To learn more about AVF excavation or schedule your appointment call us today (516) 292-4000.
Environmental Remediation
Our team is committed to taking care of the environment. We complete environmental remediation projects to positively impact the planet. We expertly combine innovation with proven strategies to handle even the most demanding environmental challenges.

AVF is a Long Island construction and demolition company that offers full demolition and excavation packages. As your full service corporation, AVF coordinates several production crews to maximize efficiency and minimize down time which results in a faster turn on your project.
After the first phase of demolition is completed, we can offer you a full range of excavation services which include accessing difficult areas, the analysis of varying soil conditions, and hard to excavate material capabilities. With an equipment line ranging in dimensions from three feet wide to twelve feet wide, we can truly say, No job is too BIG or too SMALL!

We also offer free construction estimates in all long island, machine rentals, and roll off services on Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the boroughs.


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